Babes in Hart: Megan Roth Lore

Megan Roth Lore is our definition of a hustler. Between starting her own company, Match South, to owning her own Social Media Agency, Milk and Butter Social, to even running her own food blog, Hungry Girls Do It Better, Megan seems to do it all! And lookin' fly while doing it. 
You'd be surprised to hear that before college Megan was was the pickiest eater ever. But when she attended Florida State University she saw that there was a whole world of food out there. After college she set off to Atlanta where her hobby of food photography turned into her career!  And recently, she's focused her editorial eye on fashion. 
Megan Roth Outfit
Tell us about your latest work and what's inspiring your most projects?!
I recently changed the name + direction of my Instagram and blog from being food focused to introducing more elevated food, style and lifestyle. It has been a fun transition connecting with brands that I genuinely love and admire. We are working on wrapping up in the website, so that should launch soon!
Most people don't know that I also run a social media agency in Atlanta and Match South. We have a great team of 8 and manage around 50+ clients.
Megan Roth Necklace
Heart of Gold necklace with an addition with and L and M initial
Do you have a favorite album/artist or playlist that you love to listen to while you work/create?
YES! I love tropical house music. I believe if everyone in the world listened to this genre of music, the world would be a happier place. 
Your next/dream travel destination. Location + hotel + activity.
My 30th birthday is this year and we are looking to plan a fun yet relaxing trip to somewhere tropical like St. Barths or Cabo!
What have you been tuning into lately to get your creative juices flowing?
I loveeeee podcasts! I listen to them while I am working, driving, getting ready or just anytime I am alone! My recent favorites are....
Megan Roth
It is a beautiful Saturday in your city and your friend is visiting from out of town. Where do you take her? 
I love our city of Atlanta, it brings me joy showing friends and family around town! I would first take them to one of my favorite workout classes, Stellar Bodies. Then head out from a delicious brunch at The Chastain located next to Chastain Park. Shopping around Westside Provisions District, tour of the historical Swan House and then dinner at my favorite old school Italian restaurant, La Grotta!
Megan Roth Necklace
Megan is wearing our 32" Long Link Gold-Filled Chain. Center of her necklace is our 70's Love Charm. To the left of her center charm she has an M Initial and to the left she has our Lightning Bolt Charm and our Small Bee Charm.