Oui Enamel Charm

Just say yes! Yes to life, yes to the unexpected, whatever your “yes” is, keeping an open mind is how the magic happens. 

Not only a wonderful gift for brides, this token is a reminder that you can create the life you want - in the middle sits a sky blue topaz stone, which is said to empower manifestation.


Styling tips:

1.  Complement the sparkle of the Oui Enamel Charm by pairing it with the Bee wiht Pavé Wings. The Shaded Blue Opal Gemstone Necklace is the perfect pop of color with this white shirt look.


Shaded Blue Opal Gemstone Necklace
18" Mini Belcher Chain, Oui Enamel Charm, Bee with Pavé Wings Charm

2. While you're saying "yes" to whatever you are calling into your life with this charm, why not go ahead and say yes to an ultra-colorful, loaded stack? We can't think of any reason to say no...

Aqua Cord, Let Go Charm
18" Mini Belcher Chain, Puffy H with Star, Meow Charm, Enamel Magnet Charm, Elemental Zodiac Charm, Oui Enamel Charm, Shroomy Charm, Cosmos Cross Charm, Horseshoe Charm, Divine Matchstick Charm, Cloud Pearl Charm
Blue and Green Twist Cord, Star Compass Charm


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