Stockist Spotlight: Skaneateles

I am thrilled about our latest stockist, Skaneateles 300. What is Skaneateles, you ask? It is an idyllic lakeside town in New York state that is quickly becoming more and more revered as the "Hamptons of the Upstate." Skaneateles is where fashion entrepreneur Geraldean Lantier opened her boutique. Here, she took a step away from her store and three daughters to share her favorite hometown spots, what sets her boutique apart, and recent discoveries that are making her happy.
What's your favorite part about running your store?
Curating selections and telling a story with items and lines from all over the world!  Walking through the shop should feel like flipping through your favorite magazine!
What are you loving to wear for summer right now?
We've been hitting some pretty high temperatures this summer in Skaneateles, NY.  I'm loving living in gauzy Banjanan and Xirena dresses.     
What are some tunes on your summer soundtrack?
I have quite eclectic taste in music!  Here is a short Spotify playlist
What are your favorite pieces of jewelry and why? 
Right now I'm wearing a beautiful Adina Reyter necklace with three tiny diamond leaves, one for each of my daughters :)  If I see a piece with a multiple of three I'm all over it. 
Tell us a must-visit place in Skaneateles.
In the summer once a week I feast on Skoops soft serve vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and marshmallow sauce!
Which top-5 Instagram accounts do you like to follow for inspiration?
This is a hard one.  I feel like I'm focused on two areas that I'm being deprived from; travel and buying for the shop!  That's how I found Hart, trolling Instagram! Here's a short list:
@usinterior (Nature!  All right in our backyard! USA) (great packaging!)
@ladoublej (color, fashion, happy!)
@_happyasamother (survival tactics for motherhood during a pandemic)
@madeline_moves (fitness!)
What are you reading this summer? 
I love to read.  Especially now as an escape from the news.  I've started Fredrick Douglass, Prophet of Freedom by David W Blight,  I'm about to finish, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and can't wait to dive into a delicious beach read called, Say You Still Love Me, by K.A. Tucker. 
What do your customers love your shop most for?  
My favorite feedback we receive frequently is how friendly we are and how when people from NYC come to visit and shop they love everything!  Coming from a place like New York City where you have access to everything that is a huge compliment!