At HART, we are obsessed with creating top-quality, soulful jewelry for an attainable price. Our gold jewelry is made-to-last, because we invest in a luxuriously-thick layer of gold-plating over brass. We use 2-3 microns, which is 4x more gold than most industry standards. We proudly partner with boutique American manufacturers to achieve these high standards.

We believe life’s little luxuries – like rocking a gorgeous necklace to a hot yoga class – should be savored; not saved for special occasions. Occasionally skinny-dipping or downward-dogging in your jewelry is totally fine.

But, let’s be real: if you literally never take off your jewelry to shower or sleep, it will expedite the inevitable tarnish that is inherent to all fashion jewelry, and you may want to consider solid gold instead. 

If you treat your jewelry with care, it should last you decades. And, if you never take off or are hard on your jewelry, we invite you to use our re-plating service for the following flat rates, plus shipping &  handling. 

Necklace or bracelet ($75+, depending on number of charms)

Individual charm or charm clip ($25) 

Please email us at if you have any questions about jewelry and how to care for it. We are a very small team and are here to help!

Note: beware of false advertising. It doesn’t matter whether a necklace is made of stainless steel, silver, or brass. If it is gold-plated, it will eventually tarnish. That’s why we use a very thick layer of plating. 

You can best preserve your jewelry by reducing exposure to sweat and salt water, and chemicals like chlorine, perfume, makeup and lotions. However, we know that these rules are somewhat unrealistic, and life happens! If exposed, rinse your jewelry with purified water, pat dry, and store in a pouch.