Aquamarine + Morganite Necklace


HART gemstone necklaces are playful, luxe homages to the beautiful gifts from Mother Nature.  Our stones are sourced from legacy family jewelers in Jaipur and strung with love and high-quality construction in Charleston. 

This necklace spans 26" of aquamarine and morganite stones hand-knotted on silk thread. It comes with an oval charm clip as the clasp. Option to pop charms onto the clip.


26" of natural aquamarine and morganite stones

4-6MM beads

gold-plated, sterling silver charm clip

Hand-knotted silk thread; plated loops

Treat these beauties with care. They are durable and made with utmost care, but are not 'everyday necklaces' that can endure wear-and-tear.  Do not shower or swim in them, or toss them in your bag. Do not expose them to extreme heat, direct sunlight or water.

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