Charleston Magnolia Charm


A seventh-generation Charlestonian, Hart designed this sweet scalloped charm with a happy childhood memory in mind: climbing the towering magnolia trees in the lush gardens of historic homes. 

The Magnolia is an emblem of the Lowcountry, representing the grace and old-world elegance of Charleston.

For purchase of individual charm only. Please follow this link to order a complete custom necklace or bracelet.

 Product Details:


  • We use thick, luxurious plating. We use 2 microns of gold–plating, which is 4-8x thicker than what other brands use. 
  • Our jewelry is nickel free and won’t irritate your skin. Hart herself has a nickel allergy. Our gold-filled chains are especially good for sensitive skin.
  • Gold-filled is the next-best thing to solid gold and is our most premium chain. That said, our plated chains are awesome too.
  • If you swim/shower/sleep in your jewelry, it will eventually tarnish. However, if you wear it normally, it will hold up for many years.
  • Dimensions: 1.1 cm x 1.1 cm

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