Lilly Sisto Charm Necklace



Introducing the Lilly Sisto Charm Necklace - a ready-to-wear piece that effortlessly elevates your style. Crafted by fashion icon Lilly Sisto herself, this necklace comes with seven carefully curated charms, each holding a unique significance both to Lilly and anyone who wears it.


  • 18”  Gold-Filled Chunky Chain
  • Bird (natural topaz stones) 
  • Always Disc
  • Shroomy
  • Flying Pig (Maiora Spera = Dream Bigger in Latin)
  • Martini  (sodalite gemstones)
  • Memento Mori
  • Lucky Horseshoe

Charm Dimensions: need updating

element: earth (peridot), fire (yellow crystal), air (white topaz), and water (blue topaz). Virgo is an Earth Sign – they are the most grounded of the signs and like to have a solid foundation. Peridot is said to promote warmth, peace and restoration.

Dimensions: needs updating

From very, very good… to even better. Because we are overachievers, and the threat of tarnishing keeps us up at night. We can proudly say that our charms are HGE-certified. What the H-E-L-L is H-G-E, you ask? It’s a high quality benchmark set by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission, they mean business!) to designate durability. HGE (Heavy Gold Electroplating) requires at least 100 mils of pure gold. For reference, a respectable common standard is 30 mils. Furthermore, we partner with a leading, family-run factory in Rhode Island to plate in a sustainable manner using recycled gold and strict environmental standards to reduce impact. 


  • Tarnish resistant gold-plating that is long-lasting with proper care
  • Hefty brass with Heavy Gold Electroplating (HGE certification is a FTC high quality benchmark requiring 100 mils thickness of pure gold) 
  • 14K gold color; plated in a pure 23K bath 
  • Nickel-free 
  • Plated with recycled gold in an environmentally-friendly facility that is NADCAP and JVC (Jewelers Vigilance Committee) certified

You can best preserve your jewelry by removing it before sleeping and showering, and reducing exposure to sweat and salt water, and chemicals like chlorine, perfume, makeup and lotions. However, we know that these rules are somewhat unrealistic, and life happens! If exposed, rinse your jewelry with purified water, pat dry, and store in a pouch.

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