Percy Clip Starter Necklace


Ease into it. We’ve designed this necklace as a simple starting point to build a personalized cluster of charms over time. This necklace comes with one charm that slides onto our new Percy Clip Necklace. Choose from any of our best-selling charms to begin creating a deeply unique - and versatile - piece of jewelry that you’ll wear everyday.

When you’re ready for more charms, purchase any of our individual charms (which come with a jump ring attached) and simply add it to the clip. Swap out and switch them up based on your style, mood, or intentions you want to call in.



CHAIN: Chain length is 18";  Chain links are approximately 4mm x 4mm. Clip is approx. 14mm in diameter (outside dimensions), 9mm diameter (inside dimensions), and 2.5mm thick.

CHARMS: My Heart Beats for You Charm (19mm in diameter), Charleston Enamel Charm (26mm in diameter), Baby Heart of Gold Charm (19mm wide, 19mm tall), Love and Fear Coin (20mm in diameter), Memento Mori Skull Charm (19 mm in diameter), Large Martini Charm (35mm tall, 24mm wide)



  • Luxuriously-thick, tarnish-resistant 14K gold plating over brass
  • Resists tarnishing for years with appropriate care. 
  • Finished with a gold-plated lobster clasp.


  • Tarnish resistant gold-plating that is long-lasting with proper care
  • Hefty brass with Heavy Gold Electroplating (HGE certification is a FTC high quality benchmark requiring 100 mils thickness of pure gold) 
  • 14K gold color; plated in a pure 23K bath
  • Nickel-free
  • Plated with recycled gold in an environmentally-friendly facility that is NADCAP and JVC (Jewelers Vigilance Committee) certified
  • Colored Enamel (Select Charms)


When treated with care, you should have this piece for many years to come. The luxe plating levels of the Percy Necklace means it will be slower to tarnish over time. You can further protect the plating by keeping it away from water, chemicals and perfume. Store in a pouch when not wearing it. Use our Cleaning Kit to remove grime and abrasive chemicals. 

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