Hart first came across Elizabeth Cook when she read her guest article for Katie Considers – a bookmarked blog she often reads in long luxurious bubble baths. Hart was blown away by her savvy tips for a favorite activity — thrifting and antiquing. Hart eventually had the pleasure of meeting her over zoom to design a custom necklace for her. We are excited to feature Elizabeth as our Babes in Hart! 

Elizabeth has an experienced background in publishing and lifestyle public relations. She also has a background in entrepreneurship. Elizabeth's first business, Elizabeth Heard, was a line of hair accessories for anyone wanting to add some flair to their hair. This accomplishment led Elizabeth to be named as a 2017 Forbes Magazine30 Under 30 finalist.

She has since sold her small business, and you can read more about her decision to do that here. While working on her first business, Elizabeth founded the Domino Media Group. They are a nationally recognized public relations and brand strategy firm that specialized in the growth of life-style based businesses. Elizabeth now has left her role at Domino to be able to pursue other creative passions and spend more time with family. 

How do you like to introduce yourself? Let’s pretend we just met over a martini at a really fabulous cocktail party, shall we?

Hey, there! How fun. I am happy to be here and so nice to “e-meet” you all. My name is Elizabeth White Cook, I am the former founder + owner of an Atlanta based public relations firm (Domino Media Group) and am currently at home with two babies while in an executive program at Wharton Business School and dreaming up my next venture. 

I also enjoy the hunt of searching high & low for gems for my home online via auctions or in-person at estate sales. Today, there are so many ways to live well without breaking the budget. Our entire home is a mix of finds from thrift stores, online auctions, and estate and sample sales. 

What’s the best piece of [business / creative/ personal] advice you’ve been given? 

You can do whatever you want in this wonderful world but not all at once. A wise friend told me this before I made the decision to leave my role at Domino. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and on the brink of things falling through the cracks.

I am not much of a believer in “balance” (in my opinionthe scale is bound to tip in one direction or the other), but do strongly believe we can all do whatever we want in this world to some capacity - just not all at once. I left a company that I founded in search of a normal maternity break and more time to reflect on what’s next for myself and my family. I understand this is a fortunate position to be in and am trying to really explore what truly fills my cup. 

If I can add one more, it would be to not fear failure, and to keep trying once it happens. I hope to constantly reinvent myself throughout my life and try new ventures, both failing and succeeding along the way! I love that my custom Hart necklace includes a soul-boosting / compass charm to sort of remind me of this and that everyone is trying to find their way! 


What does ‘success’ mean to you? How do you define it?  

Inner peace and confidence. It is the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day, followed by bath time with my daughter, and a night ahead of The Bachelor with home-made pizzas with my husband. 

What quotation/motto inspires you to be your best self? 

Progress over perfection! 

Tell us about your latest work and what’s inspiring your most projects?!

I am currently enrolled in an online capstone program where I am learning about how data can be used to drive informed business decisions. For years, I have been giving brands marketing advice but could not back it up with data specific to their brand. While I don’t think I’ll be the person “crunching the numbers” in my future endeavors, the program has opened my eyes to data fundamentals, and the right questions to ask.

The last favorite thing you purchased that’s bringing you a lot of joy.

My Zoe Baby terra double stroller! It’s amazing. 

Do you have a favorite album/artist or playlist that you love to listen to while you work/create?

I recently hosted the instagram stories for The Southern C, a conference for female entrepreneurs around the Southeast, and created a Spotify playlist for the event. I find myself listening to this when I need a little pick-me up! You can find it, HERE.

Your next/dream travel destination. Location + hotel + activity.

New Orleans and staying at Hotel Peter & Paul for a friend’s wedding.