Tell your Story

Our unique charms are tools for self-expression and manifestation. We create personalized, soul-boosting talismans that help you honor your past and call in your ideal future.

Design your one-of-a-kind heirloom with letters, numbers, zodiacs, lucky symbols, and empowering talismans.

Soul-boosting Symbology

Stay in your magic. Our talismans empower you to dream bigger, embrace change, manifest a goal, navigate life’s challenges, and serve your most authentic self.

Letters, Numbers & Zodiacs

Get personal. Choose a single monogram, your lucky number or zodiac. Or, stack multiple initials of loved ones or the numbers of meaningful dates on one jump ring.

Find your lucky charms

Carry around a little extra luck. From ladybugs to horseshoes to four leaf clovers to elephants. A lucky charm for everyone.

design yours now

Ready to design your one-of-a-kind piece? Use our Drag & Drop tool to visualize your custom creation.

Our Quality

We are obsessed with creating top-quality, soulful jewelry for an attainable price. Our gold jewelry is made-to-last, because we invest in a luxuriously-thick layer of gold-plating.


Hint...It's the luxe finish


Each piece is made-to-order in our Charleston studio and ships within seven business days (rush available). We use high quality American components and work with family-run manufacturers.


Our jewelry will stand the test of time. Our gold-filled chains and luxuriously-thick layer of gold-plating means your jewelry will resist tarnishing for longer.


No two pieces are alike. We invite you to tell your story with our talismans - from letters, numbers, lucky charms, to empowering symbology. 


The perfect chain for you.

Long Link Chain

This stunning chain has a wonderful glow and weight. We recommend anchoring it with a larger statement charm and up to 3-4 small charms. Available in 18", 26" and 32", which can wrap twice and be worn short with a large charm (shown here).


Belcher Chain

The Belcher (or Rolo) is an elegant chain with a bit of weight that looks and feels luxurious. Choose this heavier chain for a timeless, traditional look that transitions from day to night. This chain looks great loaded up with charms.