As a child, Jenna Levine was surrounded by parents who encouraged her to eat well, explore how food and ingredients can work topically, and how diet, anatomy, medicine, and exploring the outdoors could balance a lifestyle. 

From making fun recipes for her mother and sister, to studying California Native Plant botany and Herbal Medicine, Jenna now incorporates ingredients including wild botanicals with potent chemical compounds. Her small batch skincare is made with certain discriminations - not just any ingredients will do.

LINNÉ is an ethically crafted skincare line formulated exclusively from superlatively sourced plants and minerals. The hard-working yet gentle products effectively address a range of skin concerns, including but not limited to acne, dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and premature aging. LINNÉ is a HART favorite because the products are clean and consciously crafted, easy to use, multifunctional, and provide an amazing sensory experience.

Jenna Levine

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been given? 

Iteration is the key to success. It’s important to establish a clear, well-defined mission and be authentic in the representation of your unique goals, but to truly serve your community you must be flexible and adaptive. Iteration allows for the refining of ideas, the honing of skills and ultimately a more polished, responsive offering.

What’s your favorite part about your work? What motivates you?

My passion is the study of plants and their historic use in medicine and gastronomy. Being able to ethically source superior ingredients and combine them into a formula that is more than a sum of its parts is the most satisfying craft. Running my business requires so much more than this creative alchemy, but when these formulas are able to transform skin, and bring our community comfort, calm and confidence it makes all hard work and hustle so worth it. Nothing makes me happier than taking care of others and strengthening our community.


What’s your no-fail go-to when you need to get out of a creative rut?

Getting outside in nature and moving my body always does it for me.

What’s on your nightstandLINNÉ NURTURE Balm, a must for lips, hands and feet before bed. 

Favorite cocktail: Green juice with tequila - healthy hedonism at its finest :) 

Favorite sneakerVans Checkerboard Slip Ons have been in my wardrobe for the last 18 years!

Favorite lipstick: Any shade of NOURISH lip balm. I love applying it to my cheeks too.

Favorite book: Too hard to choose, currently loving Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel

Worth the splurge: Everything you need for a SPA NIGHT IN

Dream getaway: An onsen in rural Japan

Favorite jean: SLVRLAKE London Jean. Denim is known as one of the more resource-heavy, environmentally damaging items we buy, and Slvrlake is addressing the problem by incorporating hemp into their denim. As one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, hemp can be easily grown without pesticides or fertilizer, requires a fraction of the water needed to grow cotton, and is 100% biodegradable.

Life hack: Use long BBQ tongs to grab things out of reach.

Get-ready song or playlist: “Love to Love You Baby” by Rosemary Martins 

Handbag: Handsfree with Jil Sander Moon Cotton-Canvas Belt Bag 

Three inspiring accounts you follow: @drmarkhyman for functional medicine education, @blackforager for foraging tips and comedy, and our resident nutritionist @mia_rigden, for easy, healthy recipes and cute pics of her family!