We are thrilled to feature artist Kathleen Jones as our next Babes in Hart. She is a ray of sunshine - we love her happy, comforting and nostalgic paintings, in addition to her captivating personal style and persona. We discovered her work through our friend's gorgeous, happy gallery, Meyer Vogl, where Kathleen recently wrapped a Charleston show and a residency. 
Kathleen is a mixed media painter based in Macon, GA. Her work is a mixture of abstract and still life that relies heavily on the mixture of traditional painting techniques combined with modern mediums like image transfer and rattan. 
Kathleen in her custom charm HART necklace  (Gold-filled Long Link Chain, Horse Shoe, Seeing Heart, Flying Pig)
What, or who inspires your paintings? 
My latest artworks are inspired by the old Dutch still life masters and traditional Chinese and Japanese painted porcelain. I have been exploring the vases for some time, looking at the vessel as a beautiful historic object and a way to tell a story. I also love thinking about the vase as a symbol for our bodies and what we carry inside vs. what we show on the outside. I am merging that subject matter into still lifes that feel traditional and familiar while new and fresh at the same time.
(Kathleen in her Party Harty Earrings)
What's the best advice you've ever been given?
 Do what scares you. I think that applies in all areas of your life, we need to get ourselves out of our safe zones and take a chance every once in a while! Whether that's leaving your salary job you hate to work for yourself, going on a solo vacation, or simply saying hey to a stranger on the street and telling them you love their outfit- I have found the biggest rewards in my life have come from trying something a little scary to me.
(Kathleen's Party Harty Earrings)
What’s your no-fail go-to when you need to get out of a creative rut?
I have a few things I like to do when I fall into a creative rut. The first is to stop creating and rest. Nine times out of ten you are just burnt out. I also like going for long walks, hanging out with friends, watching a cool movie that inspires me, or if I am able, I like to get out of town. Another sure fire way to get me back in the saddle is to watch Ru Paul's Drag Race. Those queens are so creative and work so hard, I almost always get my mojo back after a few episodes!
Let's Talk Fashion! Describe your style!
Let's do talk fashuuunnnn! I was a fashion major my first two years of college before switching to my BFA so clothes and style are a big part of my life. I always put comfort first- if I don't feel comfortable in something then it's not gonna work. In the studio I still try to craft a lewk, but I get paint everywhere so I usually wear my uniform of giant button down, yoga pants and sneakers.
When I'm out with friends, I love dresses for their ease and versatility. I got a new Ganni dress the last time I was in Charleston and it is my favorite right now. I love to invest in good denim, shoes, and jewelry because quality is everything with those things (nobody wants green earlobes or blisters!) But you can find so many fun dresses at lower price points, so unless it's a special piece, I usually save on those. 
Where's your go-to-spot to bring friends who visit Macon, GA?
If I have friends in town for the weekend, I love bringing them to downtown Macon! My studio is located here and there are so many fun bars in restaurants within the surrounding blocks. My go-to watering hole is Lazy Susan Tapas, I'm good friends with everyone there and they keep the orange wine cold for me! I also love Kinjo Kitchen for ramen and cocktails. We have several breweries so day drinking at Just Tap'd or Fall Line is really fun if the weather is nice. I'm also a big live music person, so I love catching a show at the Hargray Theater.
Custom charm HART necklace  (Gold-filled Long Link Chain, Horse Shoe, Seeing Heart, Flying Pig) on Josef Alber's Interaction of Color.