Mariana is a needlework designer whose brand, Hibiscus Linens, combines a modern aesthetic with traditional textile and needlework techniques. 

Born in Monterrey, Mexico and now spending most of her time in Houston, TX, Mariana is bringing a little bit (okay, a lot a bit) of joy to everyones life with hand embroidered details and gifts. Hibiscus Linens was born out of the passion of entertaining with a finely made table setting, and named after the tea her grandmother would serve to guests. Her linens are vintage inspired new pieces for your home with old world stitching methods.

Mariana's hospitality extends well-beyond the tabletop. She opened boutique Hotel Amparo in San Miguel de Allende. Amparo translates to “shelter” in Spanish and is also the first name of each first-born woman on the family’s maternal side. 

Hart and Mariana in Round Top, Texas

Tell us about your latest work and what’s inspiring your most projects?!

This year has been one of changes of reinventing our brand to encourage other people to also be creative and enjoy slow crafts and I cannot be happier. It is very inspiring to me to see people join us and make their own pieces come true.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Nothing Blooms Year Around. You need time to create, to rest, to recharge and to just do nothing… The idea that we have to be always ON is not required to be successful and creative and a creative entrepreneur.

In moments of self-doubt, how do you build yourself back up?

My successful formula seems to work so here it goes: A cry, ice cream, and a good sleep. Usually when I wake up I feel better, and it gives me perspective. I then start slow and in private working on things I know I am very good at and then expanding towards more complex things.

What’s your favorite part about your work? What motivates you?

My favorite part is my clients and community. I am very lucky that I am surrounded by people that love pretty things and enjoy making pretty things so it is usually a good day. What motivates me is talking with other creatives making things they are passionate about.

Do you have spiritual/mindfulness practice?

I believe we are here to serve others, and make their journey easier so I try to figure out every day how I can make some others' load lighter. You never know what peoples plate is made of or how full it is, so just be kind to everyone. 

Lurex Necklace Cord (shown doubled-wrapped) with Resilience Bee Coin
Lurex Necklace Cord (shown long) with Heart of Gold Charm



What’s on your nightstand: Another pair of glasses and probably yesterday night's water glass. 

Favorite cocktail: Naked & Famous … 

Favorite sneaker: Anything Airforce by Nike, the most comfortable to be around. 

Favorite lipstick: More of a lip balm gal  

Favorite book: Always open to a friend's recommendation. 

Worth the splurge: Valextra Bags 

Dream getaway: Farm life, easy mornings and lots of baking 

Favorite jean: I'm more of a dress kind of girl, living on Christy Lynn and Maison’s Daughter 

Get-ready song or playlist: Anything Latin Party, points if I can sing. 

Handbag: Jenn Lee for fun, Valextra for everyday. 

Join us at the HART studio in Charleston, SC on August 23rd for a pop up with Mariana. Shop our custom charm jewelry and Hibiscus Linen's custom bandanas featuring charm-based embroidered designs.