When Tara Pate found herself in the coffee aisle of Whole Foods during the pandemic, she searched the shelves high and low for an organic simple syrup to elevate her home coffee bar. Long story short, there were no options and that's where Daysie was born. Tara is no stranger to the start-up world and continues to work full time as the marketing director in food & bev for the hospitality group behind our neighbors The Daily and Butcher & Bee. Tara is also the co-founder of Pay It Forward Charleston which provides emergency relief funding for the those in need in the restaurant community.

Grab a cup of coffee, a splash of Daysie (shop here), and scroll down to meet Tara.

Tell us about your latest work and what’s inspiring your most recent project?

Daysie is about to celebrate its first birthday as a company. It feels surreal to get to say that outloud. An idea I had after being furloughed from my job during a global pandemic is actually a real product, and that’s definitely worth celebrating to me. I know that a lot of food brands won’t make it past year three so I am also holding my breath and fighting like hell to continue to grow and nourish the brand and product line so that it doesn’t happen to me. 

What’s the best piece of [business / creative/ personal] advice you’ve been given? 
If not you, who? 
If not now, when? 

What’s your favorite part about Daysie?
I absolutely love getting to build a brand. If I wasn't doing this for myself, I would be doing it for someone else. Having spent my career thus far helping other founders build their dreams it feels fantastic to get to do it on my own (albeit scary as all get out). To be in complete control of the customer experience, the product taste, the way Daysie gives back– it’s incredibly difficult but also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever gotten to do. I recognize that I am deeply privileged to be able to pursue my passion and I hope to never take that for granted. 

What’s your no-fail go-to when you need to get out of a creative rut?
Travel (exploring something new) ideally with friends. I crave deep conversations and human connection. As a solo founder it’s incredibly daunting to be in only my own head all of the time. Getting out of my routine and pushing myself to try something new or discover a new place allows me the freedom to flex my brain in ways outside of my business. Plus, I think my friends are incredibly talented and I am always learning from them. 

It’s a beautiful Saturday in your city and your friend is visiting from out of town. Where do you take her? Favorite local spots or hidden gems?
Charleston is such a beautiful city to get to show off to visitors, especially the restaurant scene. 

AM- Snag a coffee + pastry from Babas (iced peanut milk mocha) and stroll downtown. Stop in Madison Matthews for a new frock and The Historic Charleston shoppe for locally made goods. 

PM- Enjoy a cocktail with a view at The Citrus Club on top of The Dewberry- order the spicy coconut margarita featuring Daysie Madagascar Vanilla. Follow it up with dinner at The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island.

What's your next/dream travel destination?
I am headed to Paris/Bordeaux/Champagne for a wine getaway this fall and could not be more excited to try to unplug for a bit.