Victoria Benton Frank is a Charleston-native whose debut novel, My Magnolia Summer, is already topping the summer reading charts. Outside of writing, Victoria is a mother of two and wife to a chef (lucky gal!). Victoria is following in her famous mother's footsteps -- she is the proud daughter of the late Dorothea Benton Frank, acclaimed writer of best-selling novels based in the beaches and tidal waterways of South Carolina.

We are thrilled to see Victoria on her national book tour wearing her special HART pieces: the Radiant Heart MAMA Necklace and a Custom Charm Bracelet with the Charleston Magnolia Charm.

"The MAMA necklace has a double meaning for me 1. because I am taking on my mothers legacy and this tour is for her and 2. Its for my kids, and me being away them for so long, it’s a nice reminder of my purpose :)"

Tell us about your latest work and what’s inspiring your most  recent projects?!

I am currently working on a follow up novel to my first book My Magnolia Summer! It’s going to be a series and I’m so excited about it! I just couldn’t let these women go, they became so real to me. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I really wanted to tell Violet’s story about becoming a mother. My own experience was life changing. As it is to most women, if not all. It fundamentally changes your perspective on things. I also am excited that this novel brushes with a little historical fiction in Charleston, and includes more local spots, like restaurants and shops. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Tell the truth and make them laugh. I have found that truth and humor go a long way. I never have any regrets when I'm honest with myself, especially in business… also always say thank you.

In moments of self-doubt, how do you build yourself back up?

This is easy. I put on some sweet tunes that make me dance and remember who the heck I am…or think I am. Dance parties help boost confidence. 

What’s your favorite part about your work? What motivates you?

My favorite thing is when I feel the creative juices start to flow, and I write like ten pages or something crazy. It’s a magical spiritual experience, and I love anticipating what others will think. Making a potential reader feel something, it could be funny or deep, but that human connection through words really inspires me. I like to imagine that I am bringing joy to a reader. 

What quotation/motto inspires you to be your best self? 

“To have an extraordinary exceptional life, one must be extraordinarily exceptional.” I tell myself that as I get up off the couch from watching bad tv and get my butt to work! It’s hard to stay motivated, and I want to leave something on this earth when I go, so I have to dig down and get to business sometimes when I really would rather just scroll Instagram. 

What’s your no-fail go-to when you need to get out of a creative rut?

I call my editor and talk through scenes, or I totally walk away form my computer and go sit outside and listen to my wind chimes or I take a walk. Sometimes I just need to take a break. 

Do you have spiritual/mindfulness practice? How do you stay in flow?

Yes absolutely. So vital to the creative process. I meditate almost everyday and I pray. I like to send strength and courage out to women who are working hard at their goals. I also make to-do lists before I meditate- this is helpful because then I can focus, and I don’t keep running through what I have to do. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Tell the truth and make them laugh.

What’s on your nightstand: Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Favorite cocktail: A Gin Martini, light on the vermouth, dirty but still a lady with three olives (unstuffed) 

Favorite sneaker: I love the glam of a Golden Goose, but I like the ease of my Converse 

Favorite lipstick: Nars, in the color Lana - it’s such a classic good red 

Favorite book: I cannot answer this question it’s like Sophie’s Choice

Worth the splurge: A massage- any time you think you need one 

Dream getaway: I want to go on the Orient Express or The Flying Scotsman 

Favorite jean: No thank you, I prefer leggings, they are nicer to me

Life hack: Tell the truth 

Get-ready song or playlist: Anything by Beyonce- I know it’s played out but she just gets me goin'. 

Handbag: Celine or Taxidermy here in Charleston

Three inspiring accounts you follow: @Goodnews_Movement, The Happiness Project @happinessproject