We love to feature the hearts, minds, and hands of some of our favorite creative, passionate women. We’ve sent them some jewelry and asked them to capture how their hands shape their day-to-day-lives. From work to play and everything in between.

Today’s feature is Tara Sowlaty, designer of Maison Soba, and co-founder of How you Glow. In her home in Los Angeles, California she hand makes beautiful hair accessories using crystals, pearls, and stones for Maison Soba, which is inspired by her super cute dog Soba the Shiba. How You Glow is a source for conscious, health-driven individuals seeking inspiration, nourishment, and solutions on how to get that GLOW. If you need tips on health trends, product reviews, travel guides, and nourishment, this is the place to go and get empowered!

What attracted to starting your hair accessories line? How you describe it in three words?

I’ve always been accessories obsessed. I’m that girl that is wearing layers up jewelry at all times. I would say that I definitively collect bags and shoes too. Back in the day, I was also that girl that was wearing tons of hair clips. I got involved with crystals and gem stones a few years back and had a bunch on hand and started getting creative with them, and that’s how my line Maison Soba started. I would say it’s fun, feminine, delicate.

What are you go-to wellness resources? Are their books that you keep on your nightstand? 

So many! Joe Dispenza is definitely a wellness resource of mine, I see myself re-reading Don Miguel Ruiz’s Books, Manifesting Matisse, The Course of Love, The Big Leap, and the War Of Art.


When you’re a [creative] rut or feeling blocked, what do you do? Any tips?

When I get into a creative rut, I try to make a shift in energy. That looks like something as simple as taking a walk, or something as much as booking a trip to somewhere new. For me it’s really about getting out of my routine, which I crave a lot.

We adore your personal style. What are your favorite fashion brands right now?

I’m really obsessed with Markarian and V Chapman for special pieces. For everyday, I love DoenChristy Dawn, Aish, RhodeEverlane, and Janessa Leone.

How do you start your day? You travel a lot. We’re curious what you’re non-negotiable habits are each morning even when you’re on the road.

I start my day by drinking water, brushing my teeth, washing my face, scraping my tongue, and taking my vitamins. This is non negotiable whether I’m traveling or not!

Your must-have foods and why they make you glow. This can be a favorite recipe or snacks. Whatever!

I snack on nuts and seeds all day, they give me the energy I need to tackle my day and fill me up with supportive fats. I also love drinking matcha, bone broth, and hot water with lemon. Berries are also my go-to.

We love HYG’s manifesto and how you encourage your readers to light up from within. When do you feel your ‘glowiest’?

I feel my glowiest when I’m exploring somewhere new, creating, eating well, drinking water, getting in some movement, spending time with my loved ones, and sharing the goodness with others!

 The place or experience that’s on the top of your travel bucket list. How many countries have you visited by the way?!

Vietnam is on the top of my list!! I’ve been to over 45 different countries :)