Babes in Hart: Erin Barrett of Sunwoven

We love to feature the hearts, minds and hands of some of our favorite creative, passionate women. We’ve sent them some jewelry and asked them to capture how their hands shape their day-to-day-lives. From work to play and everything in between.

Today’s feature is Erin Barrett of Sunwoven, a textile artist known for her wall hangings. In her home studio in Charleston, Erin weaves cozy, colorful fibers into chic cascades. We love how each piece is one-of-a-kind and embodies the pure joy of a happy home. The mom and wife to Band of Horses drummer is also revered her incredible interior design chops. Read on for her design tips, where she scores antiques in Charleston and what music is playing while she crafts her magic. 



What do you read / listen / watch to spark creative inspiration?
Music is such a huge inspiration for my work! Spending my work days out of my home studio, I am always trying to find new ways to get my creative spirit flowing and project the warmth and happiness I feel into my work. Lately I go back and forth between podcasts and music playlists while I'm working. My friend Jessica Murnane has a wonderfully inspiring podcast called "One Part Podcast" that I really enjoy. 
What's your favorite design/art book(s)?
I am obsessed with beautiful coffee table books- mostly featuring design and art. Right now I have been enjoying the "Wabi Sabi Welcome" by Julie Pointer Adams and "At Home in Joshua Tree" by Sarah and Rich Combs. 


Your go-to, feel-good song(s) when you're working.

Spotify is where it’s at! Click this link below for some of my favorite inspirational work playlists here!



Love your home! Where do you buy vintage furniture? Any particular spots in Charleston?

Good vintage furniture is one of those things that I typically just happen upon. It seems when I'm looking for something I don’t find it, but one day "BOOM" there it is! There are a lot of great places around town, but the Habitat for Humanity is typically where I score. 


What's your favorite tip or trick on styling your famous hangings?

Style your hangings with more textures such as pillows and blankets that compliment the colors in the piece you have chosen. I am also a big believer in the life that plants bring to a space. 



I love learning about your community of makers/crafters. Who are your 3-5 other brands you love?

There are so many amazing female makers out there right now. I love supporting them and bringing their work into my home. Check out :

Electric Sun Creatives 

Corrie Beth 

Elizabeth Pawle 

Laura Berger 

Codie O’Conner 


What's your favorite place to take visiting friends in Charleston? Or date night? 

I love showing off the beauty that is Charleston when I have family or friends in town. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Taking evening walks on The Battery next to the water is always a favorite thing for people who are visiting and also want to enjoy the beauty. My husband and I love to eat at Basic Kitchen when we get a night out without the kids. Going to see music locally is another favorite of ours.