Designer Bio: Katherine Hanes ✨💘

One of my best friends Katherine Hanes is going to be joining me at the Cocktails and Kimonos trunk show this week at Hotel Bella Grace! We are so excited! Click here to RSVP. 
Katherine has a line of beautiful handmade Indian Block Print table linens. We thought it would be fun to share a little bio before the event!
What's your favorite part of running your table linen brand?
"Meeting my customers and introducing them to the art of Indian Block Print- there's such an emotion reaction to the prints. This is a new business and the first time I've worked for myself which isn't without it's challenges, but having agency over my work and creative freedom have been incredible. I do all of the sewing myself, and the actually process things is something I love."
Tell us about a favorite print from your collection.
"Hard to pick! But I love the Sweet Pea and Harvest so much. There's something nostalgic about them to me. And all of the Indigos which are forgiving if you spill a little red wine or coffee. I'm excited to bring some bright new prints with me to Charleston."
What are your top 5 dinner-party / entertaining must-haves?
"A good playlist, plenty of ice, always a few extra bottles of wine, store bought h'ourdourve , home made dinner, and good dark chocolate and coffee for dessert."
In your words, why are beautiful table linens important?
"To me, it's about taking the time out to actually enjoy eating. To slow down and be grateful for the food, drink, family and friends in front of you. There's something about using a cloth napkins, or a placemat that gives me pause, evening if I'm dining solo at home. I bring a. napkin or 2 with me everywhere I go. They're handy on airplanes and for an impromptu picnic while traveling. Also! Cuts down on paper waste."
What's inspiring your creative juices lately?
"Being outside, big picnics, learning about world textiles, Laura Ashley and staying in and cooking nice meals- I always have ideas pop up when I'm in the kitchen."
What's your favorite way to style your linens?
"I love to mix and match them all up- a maximalist table, if you will. The beauty of my linens is you can go super simple with them and go wild mixing and matching a tablecloths, placemats and napkins. You really can't go wrong. I think sometimes when we see a "set" table it can be off-putting and feel too formal- I want to loosen all of that up."
We can't wait for the event this week!