Dirt(y) Martini Series: Daniella Motley

Meet Daniella Motley, owner/founder of the wandering flower truck Salt + Stem

Hart: “What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?” 

Daniella: “The importance of collaboration over competition and the notion of lifting while climbing. The idea that you can’t cheer for someone else because they could be some form of ‘competition’ for you is an easy trap to fall into. I’m lucky to be embraced by other small business, usually female-owned, and deeply rooted in collaboration and support. I believe in this deeply and try to show via my brand.” 

Hart: “What resources have helped you get smarter in business?” 

Daniella: “I love this industry specific podcast ‘Thrive Podcast For Florists’ with Kathleen Drennan. Kathleen is badass, honest and open. When the entrepreneur grind feels *especially* sticky, ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz helps me remember that all entrepreneurs go through this process.”

Some of Daniella’s favorite Instagram follows include: 

Mulberry and Moss 

Best Day Ever Floral Design 

and Tobe Nwigwe 

Hart: “What are you saying ‘Hell Yes!’ to?”

Daniella: “As always, saying hell yes to going for it— pushing my comfort zone, and showing up everyday to the best of my ability.” 


Hart: What are you trying to ‘Let Go’ of?” 

Daniella: “I’m letting go of the need to be perfect, to not make mistakes and to look like I have it all together, as I single handedly run and develop this brand.”

Follow the wandering flower truck on Instagram @saltstem_chs