Enamel Magnet Charm

The Enamel Magnet Charm is a symbol for the Law of Attraction. Wear it as a daily reminder of the incredible power of your mindset, and pay attention to your narratives that create your reality.

“Your thoughts become things.” 

Add the Enamel Magnet Charm as a pop of unexpected color to an otherwise traditional gold charm necklace look. Layer it with the Tennis Necklace and Pearl Necklace for a totally envious neckmess...our favorite kind of mess. 

Pearl Necklace
Aurora Tennis Necklace with Star Compass Charm
18" Chunky Chain with Oui Enamel Charm, Divine Spark Matchstick Charm, Flying Piggy Charm, Let Go Charm, Baby Heart of Gold Charm, and Enamel Magnet Charm  


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