Harringtons Trunk Show 9/9

Design a custom charm necklace with designer Hart Hagerty and shop our newest arrivals at Harringtons in Greenville, SC.

Thursday,  September 9th
10 am - 3 pm
6 W Lewis Plaza

 If you already own a HART necklace, bring it in to add new charms! We can also add a personal heirloom charm from your jewelry box to your necklace. Drop-in anytime between 10 am and 3 pm - no appointments needed.

We are excited to be in Greenville at this new boutique! Harringtons is one of our newest stockist of HART jewelry. If you can't make it to the trunk show, be sure to visit them to shop our collection in person.
P.S. Complimentary sparkling water, coffee drinks and champagne on tap are offered at their chic bourbon bar where they serve tastings daily, all of which can be enjoyed in a setting that evokes to the ultimate walk in closet complete with customized furnishings and stunning interior design by Ford Studio of Design.