Hart’s Feature as “Cleobella Woman”

Thank you to Cleobella for featuring Hart as a "Cleobella Woman." We love everything from this brand - their easy dresses, gorgeous block prints, their mindful approach to manufacturing, and their soulful ball of sunshine of a founder Angie O'Brien.

"For centuries, jewelry has been supercharged with personal sentiment and talismanic meaning, especially family heirlooms and the contemporary ‘fine jewelry’ category. There are several incredible modern, ‘for women by women’ brands like Marla Aaron and Foundrae which tap into this jewelry ethos; however, there was nothing inspiring in the ‘costume jewelry’ space for women like myself who couldn’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a solid gold necklace.

While I launched my brand with my signature tassel earrings in 2016, in the last two years I’ve shifted my brand focus to ‘soulful adornment’ and expanded our designs to high-quality, personalized gold-plated jewelry and beaded mantra bracelets.

Our team’s north star is 'Outer sparkle ignites inner spark.’ In other words, I want to create a brand and quality-yet-affordable designs that help a woman tell her personal story and empower her to live her most authentic life."

-Hart Hagerty for Cleobella Woman


Capella Pajama Set 

Magdealena Mini Dress

Mae Midi Dress

Lucca Mini Dress