How fast does the earth go around the sun?

66,700 MPH

The Earth Speed Dog Tag has landed. Let’s inspect this new arrival to our planet. Engraved on the front:
66,700 MPH --  the speed that Mother Earth (and you and me and our loved ones!) orbits around the sun. 
‘You are the universe in ecstatic motion.’ -- a line in a heart-swelling poem by Sufi philosopher Rumi. 
I created this piece ($98) as a reminder of our limitless existence in the grander universe. Infinite expanse, infinite possibilities. The Milky Way is your oyster.

P.S. Meaning aside, this classic necklace is supremely chic and cool. Wear yours now with a linen button-down. Come fall, slip it over a chunky sweater. 
The Swarovski crystals on the bale evoke starry nights.

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