I Hart: Two Running Boosts

After delivering my daughter Huguet four weeks ago, I'm so thankful to be able to do my favorite exercises again. Mainly running! With the quarantine underway, I've been enjoying long runs again around my Hampton Park neighborhood.

I am a pretty terrible runner. I'm more of a slow jogger who needs all the help she can get. Here are two boosts that help me keep running forward!

Hell Yes Bracelet:
On yesterday's run, I sported my Hell Yes bracelet. It was a big motivator to keep pushing myself when I wanted to be lazy. I'd picture myself running towards the many goals that I'm saying "Hell Yes" to. One of those goals: get back in shape! Gain muscle again. On each block, I focus on a different "Hell Yes" goal. 

One side note... whenever it gets hotter and I start really sweating a lot, I'll be more careful when wearing my beaded bracelet on my runs. Sweat / water causes the tassel to unravel. So be aware of that!


My Hell Yes Running Mix on Spotify
Music is essential. Here's a peppy Spotify mix featuring the likes of Kygo, Beyonce and my talented brother Richard (!!!), a.k.a. Huguenot. This playlist started out as a late-night dance party playlist when my husband and I rented out a house in the south of France with friends last summer. Now, it's my post-partum jogging mix. Oh how things have changed in a year (in a wonderful way)!