My Brand Pledge to Anti-Racism

I have spent the last week learning, listening and reflecting on the privileged status I have, and how I can use my heart, mind and business to do better for my local community and humanity in general. I stand with Black Lives Matter. I commit to anti-racism. I apologize for not recognizing my role and doing more until now. 

Below are pledges my business has taken to commit to anti-racism. Of course, I recognize that I will never fully understand what it's like to be on the other side. Nor, does the action of one person or brand will ever be enough to dismantle white supremacy and social injustice that plagues our country. But this is MY authentic start. My mom always says, “At the end of the day, all you have is your integrity.” I will hold myself accountable for long-lasting change. 

  1. Use my brand as a platform to reinforce the  importance and beauty of diversity and inclusivity. Collaborate with black influencers, and continue to represent POC in my brand content on my website and in my advertising. P.S.  This list on Harper’s Bazaar is a good resource.

  2. Support black-owned-businesses and independent contractors. I will more actively look to hire black-owned businesses as vendors (i.e. packaging, printing, manufacturing, logistics, etc) and partner with black freelancers (photographers, graphic designers, coders, etc) for creative collaboration

  3. Humanity is always on brand. I pledge to be more vocal about anti-racism and local community activism on my brand channels. I will speak up for what is right, share resources that champion equality and not be scared to be “too controversial.” This includes but isn’t limited to NAACP, ACLU and BLM.

  4. Remember this: Positivity is a pillar of my brand. But, I am now understanding that positivity is a privilege. Saying “Hell Yes” is a privilege. Saying “Let Go” is a privilege. In fact, most of my “problems” are privileges. There are so many young people who don’t have the luxury of optimism because of the systemic racism and economic disadvantages they unfairly face. I want to help those kids realize their own amazing futures and champion their leadership in their own community. I will commit my time and donations on a local level - to Boys and Girls Club of the Lowcountry

I will end this by saying that Black Lives Matter movement has opened my eyes to the responsibility of articulating my values as a business. Values not just related to anti-racism, but also to humanity in general. By articulating and publishing my brand’s social missions, I hold myself accountable to fulfilling those standards. Please stay tuned for more.