P.S. I Hart This: Three New (to me) Follows

I really, really try not to waste my time falling down the digital rabbit hole, mindlessly watching cute dog videos until my brain melts. Ok, I definitely do that sometimes, but my general rule is: make screen-time educational. Which means most the of the content that I consume is about design, art, and cooking.

Here are three 'new-to-me' follows. Full disclosure: I am NOT an early adopter so it's quite possible you already know and love these people. 


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Alison Roman
Acclaimed cook and writer Alison Roman's YouTube Channel is hilarious and incredibly informative. I want to cook everything she makes on these short-and-sweet episodes. They are so entertaining, I "save them" instead of binge watching. I also want to be her best friend.

William McLure
Artist and designer William McLure is pure delight. He has impeccable, high modern taste rooted in earthy, southern sensibility. He lives on his legitimate farm in Alabama where his animals --  geese, goats, ponies, hens, and many dogs -- are his babies.  His fireside Instastories featuring his fur family are heartwarming and hilarious. It's fascinating to watch create the creative process of his large-scale abstract artwork and sneak-peeks of his house.


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The Style Files podcast by Paloma Contreras
I have taken many a bubble bath while listening to Paloma interview America's interior designers and artists. She asks good questions, and gets her guests to open up and reveal practical styling advice. Be sure to listen to the episode with Jaimie Dewberry (one of our Babes in Hart!).