High Hampton Sip Series

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our signature Intention + Custom Charm Jewelry Workshop at High Hampton. The event is a part of the hotel's 'Sip Series' which welcomes a variety of artists, designers, and business owners to share their craft and story with resort guests.

Gathered around a warm fire, we talked about the powerful meanings behind each charm, and invited guests to reflect on their intentions aligned with the custom necklace they desired to create. Guests chose charms based on what they want to call into their lives. Hart and Curry were there to help finesse the designs for the perfect custom look.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to connect with our clients and the gracious hospitality of the Blackberry Farm team.

Here a few photos from the weekend, captured by photographer Molly Harris.

Pictured: Gold-Filled Chunky Chain with Diamond Carabiner Clip, Heart of Gold Charm, Lightning Bolt Charm (Small), and Shroomy Charm.