MIDA Fundraiser with MUSC's Mobile Health Unit 2023

Wednesday, November 8th at 650 King St.
10am-6pm (shopping event)
10am-3pm (Mobile Health Unit will be parked outside)

HART will host the Mobile Health Unit (10am-3pm) during a special philanthropic shopping event Wednesday, November 8th (10am-6pm) at our flagship store. 100% of the store’s profits benefit the fund. Here is everything you need to know about MUSC’s Mobile Health Unit, and how to book an appointment for your cancer screening on Nov 8th.

Holling Mobile Health Unit

Each year in the United States, about 11,500 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed and about 4,000 women die of this cancer. Many women put off life-saving cancer screenings due to lack of time and convenience. A well-proven way to prevent cervical cancer is to have screening tests. Screening is having tests to find conditions that may lead to cancers and can find pre-cancers before they can turn into invasive cancer. The Pap test (or Pap smear) and the human papillomavirus (HPV) test are specific tests used during screening for cervical cancer.


Patients are encouraged to call (843) 792-4274 to schedule their appointment at the MHU in advance, as walk-ins are welcome but not guaranteed.

  • Each screening is approximately 15-20 minutes

  • Patients must provide proof of insurance at the time of the appointment

  • In the event patients do not have insurance, MUSC provides assistance by screening them for the ‘Best Chance Network’ and registering them.

  • Mammogram screenings are available for all women

  • Women age 35-39 may receive a baseline screening if they have a family history of breast cancer (i.e. first degree relative who had or has breast cancer)

  • Women ages 40+ may receive annual mammogram

  • No current problems (i.e. lumps, discharge)

  • No personal history of breast cancer

  • Not pregnant or nursing

  • At least 12 months since the last mammogram

  • Clients must be 21 years or older to schedule a cervical screening/pap smear

  • Clients may self-refer; however, an order from a health care provider is strongly encouraged, as an order is required for follow-up testing. They can call MUSC (843) 792-4274 in advance for assistance.


  • Over the past five years, MHU has provided mammograms and Pap tests to more than 7,000 women across SC. Annually, 15% of these women are identified as needing additional diagnostic follow-up and, during the past five years, 42 women were diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer.
  • Women needing diagnostic or treatment follow-up are provided direct navigation services to ensure timely access to care. Of the women screened in the mobile health unit, 80% report they would not have sought breast or cervical cancer screening if not for the mobile unit coming to their community.



Hamidatu Fatmata Ravenel Patrick passed away in July of 2021 after a battle against her 2019 cervical cancer diagnosis. The cornerstone of Hamida’s unyielding support to the Charleston community was participation. Professionally and personally, she showed up and gave back, always with unity as her focus. Her innate ability to connect with another person or find a way to create unions between others made her magnetic.

Nothing was ever exclusively professional; she worked in several retail locations including Billy Reid and Hampden Clothing, both on King Street. In addition, Hamida was a proud member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry. Being in Hamida’s orbit meant she took personal care in the success and well-being of every person she met.

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