P.S. I Hart This: Aplós

P.S. I HART THIS - Aplos non alcoholic cocktail

Kicking the year off with a healthy start means drinking less. With party-season wrapping up and a fresh year ahead, my dirty martini indulgence is becoming less of a weekly staple. And on the cold, dark nights when I’m staying in, it’s hard to resist the temptation of unwinding fire-side with a glass of wine after my two toddlers go down. Knowing that my anxiety, mental health [and radiant glow, duh!] are affected by alcohol, I’ve become a lot more conscious of abstaining. But there’s just something lovely about the ritual of drinking something, glass in hand. ‘Enter Aplós, a new-to-me CBD “liquor” that all the hot, sober, healthy betches in LA are drinking. Whether sipped straight or mixed in a cocktail, the hemp cannabinoids calm your brain with that lovely “chilled out”  booze buzz… without the negative side effects of alcohol. Order online or find your local stockist.