P.S. I Hart This: Mally Skok's Handbook

Designer Mally Skok has channeled her eye for colorful design and happy hosting into her new book, ‘Mally’s Little Handbook’ via Amazon here. Mally preaches a cheerful, practical way of living that inspiring me to seek joy in the everyday.
"With refreshing humour and considerable wit, accompanied by whimsically illustrated pages, Mally invites you to notice the little things while providing a blueprint for planning the bigger things. She is both freeing and forthright as she encourages readers to “take what you like and toss out what you don’t.” Throughout, her deeper message to readers is to “enjoy life” and while at it, “help someone else along the way.”
Not ready to buy the book? Whet your appetite with this 15 minute conversation with Luxe Magazine. Promise it’ll leave a smile on your face!