P.S. I Hart This: The Exercise Dress

In case you haven't heard, the 'Exercise Dress' is the new 'Nap Dress.' While I highly doubt all the granmillenials (and other comfort-seeking ladies like myself) will toss out their beloved Nap Dresses, I am wholeheartedly embracing this sporty spice frock.

This athletic lil number by FP Movement is made for tennis or pickleball. But I'm going to live in these post-partum. This will be my 'take the baby on a walk in the park' dress and 'meet a friend for coffee' lewk. It's such a comfortable, flattering cut that's forgiving in the mid-section as I get back into shape. When the temps dip a little later this fall, I plan to wear it with an XL cardigan or oversized sweatshirt with retro stripe socks. And stacks of bracelets, of course!

For a simpler, streamlined version, try the cult-status Outdoor Voices one below. Its design recently got tweaked with some major improvements like adjustable straps.

Very Top and Below: Free People 'Full Court Dress' ($108)