Love Heart NecklaceLove Heart Necklace

Love Heart Necklace

Large Cracked Heart NecklaceLarge Cracked Heart Necklace

Large Cracked Heart Necklace

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Seeing Heart NecklaceSeeing Heart Necklace
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Puffy Heart NecklacePuffy Heart Necklace

Puffy Heart Necklace

Tennis NecklaceTennis Necklace

Tennis Necklace

Heart of Gold NecklaceHeart of Gold Necklace

Heart of Gold Necklace

From $320.00
Strength Lion Coin NecklaceStrength Lion Coin Necklace

Strength Lion Coin Necklace

From $220.00
Starlites - HeartStarlites - Heart

Starlites - Heart

Green Gold TopknotsGreen Gold Topknots
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Green Gold Topknots

Major Shimmers (Champagne)Major Shimmers (Champagne)
On sale

Major Shimmers (Champagne)

$40.00 $68.00
Sage TopknotsSage Topknots
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Sage Topknots

Love & Fear Coin NecklaceLove & Fear Coin Necklace

Love & Fear Coin Necklace

Burned-Out Mama CandleBurned-Out Mama Candle
On sale

Burned-Out Mama Candle

$58.00 $64.00

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