We hope you are enjoying your Hart Earrings! Your earrings are made to be worn season after season, year after year. To ensure they last, here's how you care for them.

  • Topknots made with rayon: a luxe-feeling natural fiber that should be handled with care. Between wears, store them in Hart earring travel cases.

  • If you toss them in a handbag or squish them, chances are the tassels will get kinky. Don't fret! You can easily straighten them out again by gently hand-brushing them under a hot hairdryer. Don't get them wet! Just apply hot air. Works like a charm! 
  • Keep them dry. Exposure to moisture and humidity can loosen the bindings and damage the silky texture of the rayon. 

  • Please be careful with makeup, which can permanently stain the earrings. In some cases, you can gently spot-clean the area with a baby wipe.