Bird Necklace


The bird talisman is infused with positive meaning. Across many cultures, birds are totems of freedom, possibility and spiritual ascension. Many consider birds as messengers of the divine and guardian angels.

The charm features natural topaz stone, which are considered by healers to promote clarity, recharging and manifestation.

Hart learned this from her spiritual healer: “Whenever you’re thinking about something specific or speaking out loud to someone and you hear a bird sing, it’s the Divine’s way of giving spiritual support or approval.”If you want more charms, click here to build a custom charm necklace. 

This sliding gold-filled Jane Chain is lightweight, strong, and can be clasped anywhere for various lengths. Assembled in our Charleston, SC studio. 

The charm slides on an 18" Jane Chain. 

When you’re ready for more charms, purchase any of our individual charms (which come with a jump ring attached) and simply slide it onto the necklace. We purposefully moved the logo tag to the clasp side so that you can easily slide on more charms. Swap out and switch them up based on your style mood or intentions you want to call in.


DIMENSIONS: Charm: 13mm tall; 10mm wide on an 18" Jane chain; Chain links are approximately 3mm x 8mm.


  • Tarnish resistant gold-plating that is long-lasting with proper care
  • Hefty brass with Heavy Gold Electroplating (HGE certification is a FTC high quality benchmark requiring 100 mils thickness of pure gold) 
  • Nickel-free 
  • Plated with recycled gold in an environmentally-friendly facility that is NADCAP and JVC (Jewelers Vigilance Committee) certified


  • Gold-filled 14K chains made in Los Angeles, CA
  • Gold-filled chains are the next best thing to solid gold. At least 5% of the total weight is solid gold, which is mechanically bonded to the base metal.

    You can best preserve your jewelry by removing it before sleeping and showering, and reducing exposure to sweat and salt water, and chemicals like chlorine, perfume, makeup and lotions. However, we know that these rules are somewhat unrealistic, and life happens! If exposed, rinse your jewelry with purified water, pat dry, and store in a pouch.

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