Hamsa Helping Hand Charm


For purchase of individual charm only. Please follow this link to order a complete custom necklace or bracelet.

This hand charm fuses two symbolic meanings behind the hand motif. The front is the traditional Hamsa, an ancient amulet that is a protective sign across different faiths and cultures. It brings the wearer happiness, luck, and health. 

The back features a spiral - representing regeneration –  inside of a ‘Helping Hand,’ inspired by the writer Joseph Campbells’s encouraging quote, “When you are on the right path, invisible hands will come to your aid.”

Dimensions: 10mm wide; 16mm tall
Materials: luxuriously-thick, tarnish-resistant 14K gold plating over brass

At HART, we are obsessed with creating top-quality, soulful jewelry that is made to last. Our gold jewelry resists tarnishing with proper care, because we invest in premium gold-plating over brass. Each piece is assembled in our studio in downtown Charleston, SC.

You can best preserve your jewelry by removing it before sleeping and showering, and reducing exposure to sweat and salt water, and chemicals like chlorine, perfume, makeup and lotions. However, we know that these rules are somewhat unrealistic, and life happens! If exposed, rinse your jewelry with purified water, pat dry, and store in a pouch. 

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