Hamsa Helping Hand Charm


For purchase of individual charm only. Please follow this link to order a complete custom necklace or bracelet.

This hand charm fuses two symbolic meanings behind the hand motif. The front is the traditional Hamsa, an ancient amulet that is a protective sign across different faiths and cultures. It brings the wearer happiness, luck, and health. 

The back features a spiral - representing regeneration –  inside of a ‘Helping Hand,’ inspired by the writer Joseph Campbells’s encouraging quote, “When you are on the right path, invisible hands will come to your aid.”


18mm tall; 8mm wide

Charm Jewelry Details and Care:

HART invests in premium materials and craftsmanship so our gold designs last for many years with proper care.  HART charms are resistant to tarnishing due our investment in a luxuriously-thick layer of gold-plating using cutting-edge technology with the leading plating company in the USA. Our nickel-free, brass charms are plated with 2 microns of 14K gold, which is 4x thicker than industry standards.

Our chains are gold-filled, which is the next-best thing to solid gold. They are crafted in Los Angeles or Italy.

To best protect longevity, we recommend removing jewelry before sleeping/showering/sweating/swimming. Exposure to chemicals, water and physical abrasion will wear down the thick layer of gold. Every few months, we suggest cleaning your jewelry with a warm washcloth and Dawn dish soap. It will restore luster! Rinse all remaining soap residue with clear, clean water and pat dry.

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