Hart's Baller Charm Bracelet


As Dolly would say, more is more. Hart customized the Baller Charm Bracelet with the idea to have a complete charm bracelet (but is a charm bracelet ever truly finished?) ready for gifting. One with fun, luck, protection, and strength, and plenty of room to add more charms over time. This is the gift for the person who does it all, and will have it all with this on their wrist.

Gold-filled chunky chain with Strength Lion Coin, Hamsa Hand, Lucky Clover, Heart of Gold, Let Go, Shroomy, and Protect Eye Charms.

Might we suggest to order the longer length if this is a gift.

**If you want a similar bracelet with multiple charms, please click here to build your custom bracelet.** 


Gold-filled chain. Gold-plated charms. Made in the U.S.A.

Gold-plated brass charms

Hart proudly plates her charms with an 14K gold finish that is more than triple the thickness of industry standard. This luxe finish means that your bracelet will be slower to tarnish over time. You can further protect the plating by keeping it away from water, chemicals and perfume. Store in a pouch when not wearing it. 

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