Australian-born and Angelino-based, Rosie Jane is commandeering the clean beauty space. A mom with three kids plus a thriving business, we got the 411 on how this remarkable redhead “memento mori”’s...hint: it involves bubble baths and martinis.

Read on to learn more about Rosie Jane, the queen of “f*cking clean.”

Can you share the story behind by/rosie jane and what inspired you to start your own beauty and fragrance business?

I was working as a makeup artist and I wanted to create a signature scent that people would remember me by, so one night in 2007 over a few bottles of wine…I created my first fragrance. My clients and friends kept asking me to make it for them. One of my friends owned a very cute boutique and asked if I would fill her ten bottles to sell in her store over Christmas. It sold out in twenty-four hours, so I started hand-filling more bottles the next day. 

The “clean” part came after I had my first daughter - Leila Lou. I realized I was mixing this perfume, wearing it and giving it to my friends etc, but I have no idea what was actually in that bottle I was handing out, and my daughter was touching and putting her hands in her mouth. I was pretty surprised at the ingredients list of perfume and that it wasn't labeled anywhere on the products we were all using. I know I could make something better, with better ingredients and transparency. By Rosie Jane was born.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and we are always in awe of badass moms doing things in AND out of the playroom. You have three children and a blossoming business. What is a “day in the life” like for you? How do you juggle it all? 

There is no way around it, parenting and running a business is A LOT and honestly I struggle with balance. I feel like I'm always working and always parenting simultaneously, giving both 100%.. But my savior is I love to start my day super early.. I wake up at 5am, sometimes 4.30am. Eek. A morning bath with a quiet house, (I add wake the f*ck up everyday body oil to the bath) is the BEST way to start my morning and take some time for myself.

If you could give your children advice as they grow up and look to find their own passions, what would you tell them?

Never give up on something you believe in and don’t take no as an answer.

We like to think of ourselves as kids at heart, even as working moms and adults. How do you find fun at the end of a long day running your business as CEO and taking care of your kids? How are you still a kid at heart?

Martinis at Houston's or Dan Dan Tana's!

Before starting by/rosie jane, you were a makeup artist for well-known celebrities (hello, Jennifer Anniston!) - how did this work lead to you starting your own business?

When I started mixing perfume, I had no idea it would lead me to where I am today. As a makeup artist I could make my own schedule and I loved working for myself. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

What was it like making the jump from Australia to the U.S. when you were only 21?

I never planned to move to Los Angeles. I went to LA to visit my sister for my 21st, and I met my husband on the night of my birthday. I loved the US right away..BUT we moved back to Sydney and lived there for a few years. I actually started my first-ever company in Sydney in 2002; it was just one product for cheeks and lips. I was making it in Sydney and flying back and forth to LA to show it to stores, etc. and then made the decision to move permanently in 2005.

How has having children changed your viewpoint on work/life balance?

When you are starting your career or your business, with young kids, there really isn't balance. You just have to dive in and do the best you can and make sure you choose to have babies with someone awesome!  

How does your personal lifestyle influence your products?

By/Rosie Jane is a reflection of me. It's everything; it's my kids, my life, my story. The scents I create are inspired so heavily by growing up in Sydney, and now my life in LA. The casualness and ease of my brand is like the love letter to my Australian roots. Sydney and LA both have a very laid back lifestyle, outdoor living and By/Rosie Jane embodies that. 

Can you share any exciting collaborations or future plans for by/rosie jane that our community has to look forward to?

We are excited to be re-introducing our amazing clean deodorant in June with a fun activewear brand…and will definitely be promoting MISSY throughout the summer, so stay tuned for some upcoming giveaways, meet-ups, etc.  


Favorite quote?

What's coming will come, and we’ll face it when it does. - Hagrid

What’s on your nightstand? Calm the f*ck down body milk, La Mere, water.

Worth the splurge? Anything that makes you happy.

What is in your purse? Perfume of course, iphone, aquaphor

Favorite book you read to your kids? Room on the Broom

Favorite podcast? How I Built This and Call Her Daddy

Go-to cocktail or mocktail? Penicillin 

Coffee shop order? Whole milk Cappuccino 

Most worn shoes? Converse hightops

Must-have makeup product? Missy Perfume + Mascara (Caliray)