A Charmed Life: Oui

A Charmed Life is where I put the spotlight on a favorite charm. Today we are giving some love to OUI. As you elegant people already know, OUI means "yes" in French. 

I love the OUI charm for reasons other than sounding prettier in French (why is that?). To me, OUI embodies a zest for life. It captures an up-for-anything, can-do, joie de vivre. 'Oui' means grabbing life the balls and sleeping when you're dead. 

Want to wake up at dawn and go surfing? Oui!
Want to throw a party for no good reason? Oui!
Want to make fancy sushi at home tonight? Oui!

Our lives are so fucking busy these days, aren't they? When we're feeling overwhelmed, it's easy to opt out. And quite frankly, we SHOULD be saying no to things that don't serve our authentic selves. I'm not suggesting you don't get your well-deserved beauty sleep. But, if you're like me, it's easy to get in the habit of saying no and denying ourselves some fun and adventure.

I am reminded of a quote, "It takes life to love life." We get out what we put in.

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Below is my friend, Whitney Stoddard, who absolutely captures the spirit of OUI! She is vibrant, talented, fun and loving.