#JUSTADDHARTEARRINGS: Three Stages of Winter Fashion

Was January really only 31 days long? Because it felt like 64. Aside from the sloth-like nature of this first month of the new year, January is a great opportunity for fabulous winter attire.

Well, that opportunity has come...and sadly, it's still here. Charleston gave us a glimpse of sweet sunshine and a temperature that hovered around 65 degrees not too long ago, but things have since taken a turn. That's right, we're back to the chilly gloom of winter weather.

In an attempt to keep my spirits high -- and in hopes of raising the temperature with them -- I've decided to pay tribute to the three stages of winter fashion: the statement coat, the chunky sweater, and the it's-almost-warm-but-not-quite sweater. I've matched each with the perfect pair of Hart earrings, of course.

Stage 1: The Statement Coat

Whether it be faux fur, puffer, or trench, statement coats are like our way of saying, "bring it on winter, I'm gorgeous AND appropriately prepared for your bitterness." I like to equate this first stage with feeling excited; we're ready to embrace winter in our furry, fluffy, puffy armor. We're also ready to accessorize these overstated statement coats with some understated statement earrings (see what I did there?). 

For a luxurious fur coat like this one, I'd choose a pair of tassels equally as show-stopping: Berry Double Dare Darlings.

Stage 2: The Chunky Sweater

Stage 2 usually hits us around mid-to-late January, when we've been teased by the promise of sunshine and then tricked by the icy clouds. Nevertheless, we are committed to winter fashion! Which brings us to the chunky sweater, the garment we opt for when we're sick and tired of having to actually function in those huge statement coats (admit it, it's hard).

Magnificent, big knit sweaters prevent us from being chilled to the bone -- especially if you layer it with a fun shirt underneath, like this one -- and they're a bit less of a hassle than our beloved statement coats. 

I'd pair this eye-catching red with none other than the Ivory Topknots (I'm a sucker for the classics).

Stage 3: The It's-Almost-Warm-But-Not-Quite Sweater

And so it begins...the beginning of the end. Stage 3, early-to-mid February; when the statement coat is back in the closet resting up for next year's harsh winter season, and the chunky sweater has been worn so much it's lost some oomph, and we're left with none other than the it's-almost-warm-but-not-quite sweater.

Paired with some vintage denim and spunky metallic boots, we're practically begging warmer weather to come our way. Add the Cornflower Blue Topknots, maybe even the Alexander Coin Necklace, and springtime weather won't be able to stay away any longer.

Welcome to Stage 3 babes, let's do this.