BABES IN HART: Kristin Doggett

This babe is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me. Kristin is an insanely talented, creative woman in the wedding and event planning industry and her work ethic absolutely blows me away.

I got to sit down with her to talk about her dreams, hear her influential words, and even some of the fears that come with being the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bellafare. Her insight is beyond valuable, as usual. Have a read!

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been given?

Fake it until you make it. Your brand is all about perception and as long as you have the talent and skill sets to back up your brand, you can figure out the rest as you go. You want to launch your business when majority of your ducks are in a row but don’t want to wait too long where the opportunity passes.

What does ‘success’ mean to you? How do you define it?

I am still trying to figure this out, especially as I navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship. I think as long as I am creating something and continuing to push the limits of where I am comfortable, I am happy. I don’t necessarily place a dollar amount to success, which could be viewed as a negative or a positive depending on who you talk to, but more so, whether or not I feel fulfilled. If all areas of my life are “balanced,” than I am successful.

What are your character traits you are most proud of?

I am pretty scrappy and resourceful, which I inherited from my father. No matter the obstacle, I will figure out a solution one way or another. This serves me well given I am a wedding and event planner and am faced with many challenges daily, though can sometimes be debilitating if I become too obsessed with something and I can’t see another approach.

I am also incredibly organized, which again, is one of the reasons why I became an event planner. Timelines, checklists, and itineraries are second nature to me and I enjoy accomplishing little tasks each day. That said, long term goals are tough for me and I have to constantly remind myself to chip away at the big picture each and every day.

In moments of self-doubt, how do you build yourself back up?

Let’s be honest, we all have moments of self-doubt every single day, or at least I do. My go-to self esteem booster is listening to “How I Built This’’ podcast on NPR. It’s humbling and encouraging to hear that innovators like Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia or Alli Webb of Drybar don’t have all the answers.  The underlying theme throughout the podcast is entrepreneurs starting out with a simple idea yet not necessarily a long term game plan, however, overtime, they have built incredibly successful businesses with the help of an all-star team surrounding them. If I am able to remind myself, that I can get the help I need wherever I fall short, the self-doubt seems to fall away, as I am able to focus on the skill sets I do possess and why those are valuable.

And..if all else fails, I remind myself that my job isn’t life or death, and everything seems much more approachable at the point.

What’s your favorite part about your job/business?

My favorite part about my job is running a business and continuing to create projects that inspire me. I, of course, enjoy the client interaction and bringing someone’s special day to life, however, if I am honest, it’s the nitty gritty of the business and brand side that gets me most excited.

What called you to your line of work? Do you remember when you first learned about it?

I don’t know if I really had an ‘aha’ moment that drew me to my career but more so a strong understanding of my skill sets and creative abilities and how those might fit best with a career path. I took a Myers Briggs test my junior year of college and in the back of the book, there were careers that were best suited for your personality type. I chose the one I found most interesting, event planning, and decided to move to the most competitive city in the world, NYC, to figure out whether or not I was cut out for it. Within weeks of arriving and interning for a top wedding planner and designer, I realized I had made the right choice!

What quotation/motto inspires you to be your best self?

"Trust the timing of your life.” I have considered getting a tattoo that says just this to remind myself that things happen in due time and as they should if you have faith and perseverance. Because I am such a planner, I try to control everything but it’s important to remind myself that sometimes things are outside of my control and that can actually be a beautiful thing.

What’s your no-fail go-to when you need to get out of a creative rut?

Getting together with fellow female entrepreneurs in Charleston is always good for your creative soul. Whenever I feel I am in a creative rut, I schedule a lunch, cocktail, creative sesssion etc with a group of other working gals and I am instantly inspired. The female entrepreneurs here truly run this town and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Name a fear or professional worry that keeps you up at night.
Social media. I have such a love hate relationship with social media. I just had to takeover an instagram story for a big brand and it almost killed me. I can plan your wedding in my sleep but displaying my life and personal story does not come natural to me nor does keeping up with the demands of social media, when I would much rather be in the moment. I know social media is necessary, so I do it, but I can’t say I enjoy it. I would be the worst blogger that ever existed but hey, at least I know what I am good at and what I am not.