BABES IN HART: Chassity Evans

Chassity Evans is the OG Charleston lifestyle blogger. She started her site Look Linger Love back in 2010, and since amassed a huge, loyal following who turn to her for daily style inspiration. Chassity always has a smile on her face, and has been gracious enough to support my brand from the beginning. Below are some of my favorite ways she has worn her Hart tassel earrings!

I love seeing how different women -- professional fashion bloggers or regular cool chicks -- can style the same earrings so differently. My earrings can be truly dressed up or down, and worn with a variety outfits and contexts. Chassity is a style chameleon herself, and it's awesome to see how she brings her earrings to life in her own way.

There she is in a maxi dress by Club Monaco with our sparkly Lucky Peach earrings! Not that she needs anymore sparkle with that radiant smile of hers!

LOVE this unexpected pairing of a statement blouse with the topknot.