TASSEL TALK: BTS of Festival Collection Photoshoot

One of my favorite parts of running my own brand is producing lookbook shoots. It's a LOT of work -- booking models, set locations, photographers, hair + makeup artists to storyboarding, styling looks, designing props. But, after a stressful few weeks of planning, organizing and brainstorming, everything just all seems to come together in a magical for 3-4 hours.

Here's a photo diary of our lookbook shoot for the Festival Collection. I shot this on film for the new 'Hart on Film' series -- using Kodak disposable cameras.

I love styling my lookbooks with vintage pieces tops, so I went to my favorite city for vintage: Dallas! As my guide, I follow Dallas native and major fashion blogger Jane Aldridge's guides to Dallas shopping (see her Warby Parker guide and her ebay vintage guide here on her blog Sea of Shoes) . She has so many great tips and I've always scored big at her favorite vintage stores.

After a successful sourcing trip in Dallas, next stop was freezing cold New York City in February! Call time was bright and early at 5am. We started shooting before the sun came up. It was a beautiful, clear morning with snow on the rooftops, which started to slowly melt under the bright morning sun.

We used glitter confetti as a prop. Although it was a mess, it matched her vintage sequin top and shimmery earrings to perfection!

After the shoot, my boyfriend and I had a double date at the Spotted Pig with my photographer Roland Ellis and his wife Melissa Watson Ellis, who is one my dearest, super talented friends. She's an incredible designer and pattern maker for Palmer Pletsch. We ended up at the Rusty Knot and Boom Boom Room for tiki drinks and champagne! Perfect wrap party.