Babes in Hart: Lia Burke Libaire

Over the next few months, we are going to feature the hearts, minds, and hands of some of our favorite creative, passionate women. We’ve sent them some bracelets and asked them to capture how their hands shape their day-to-day-lives. From
work to play and everything in between.
Our first feature is Lia Burke Libaire, a Charleston-based artist draws the natural world with a whimsical eye and wit. I love Lia’s illustrations so much, I asked her to design my wedding invitation. Lia - a born and bred New Yorker - also happens to have a baller jewelry collection, with investment-worthy Hermes cuffs mixed with her cheeky best-friend heart pendant by The Last Line. I love how Lia masters the “high-and-low mix” with my Leather and Pearl bracelets.
Lia Burke Libaire Hart Jewelry
Read on for her interview for some major creative and style inspiration! 
What do you read/listen/watch to spark creative inspiration?
Nature is my biggest inspiration of all, as most of my artwork includes botanicals, animals and/or elements from the human form. With a new baby, I rarely have the time to read magazines but I love Cabana Magazine for home decor and classic fashion mags like Bazaar and Marie Claire. Layout, color combos, patterns, even ads can spark inspiration. 
What's your favorite design/art book(s)?
'Maison: Parisian Chis at Home' by Ines de la Fressange and Marin Montagut, 'More is More' by Tony Duquette and 'Cabinet of Curiosities' by Albertus Seba is a classic to look at and decorate with. My husband also likes to buy older art books with collections from artists like Wyeth, Winslow, Sargent, etc.
Top 3-5 places to shop that provide you inspiration.
Creel and Gow and John Derian in NYC, The Grand Tour in Palm Beach, Fritz Porter in Charleston, and Moda Operandi.
Favorite design object/ art/ space in your house?
As with my art, I love an eclectic mix- an Alexander Straulino photo which I bought in Berlin that hangs above the 18th-century daybed that was my grandmothers. I love the juxtaposition of new with old!
How would you define your design aesthetic, in your own words?
Classic with an edge, for both artistic design and personal style.
Tell us about your favorite jewelry you wear every day..especially on your hands.
I love jewelry, I see it as a more permanent expression of style than clothing as it can be worn more often. Each piece, big and small, tells a story or reminds me of a significant time in my life. My engagement ring tops the list for obvious reasons, it is Edwardian in style and belonged to my husband's great grandmother. I have also always loved stacking rings, I collect them and buy new ones when traveling and I interchange them often. Aside from that, you will never see me without a men's watch- I feel naked without one. 
Lia Burke Libaire Hart Jewelry
A genie grants you an unlimited art budget. Whose art do you buy first?
Lucien Freud, Matisse, Cy Twombly, Peter Beard, Egon Schiele, Raoul Dufy... I like a mix..the list goes on and on.
You obviously love fine jewelry. Who are your favorite fine jewelry brands? And what's your advice in achieving a good bracelet stack (for ex, how do u mix high and low, if you do that?).
So many wonderful and unique designers out there- JAR, Taffin, vintage Bulgari, Irene Neuwirth, Bibi van der Velden, Jade Trau (who made my wedding band and signet ring), Katherine Jetter, Brent Neal, Jacquie Aiche just to name a few of my favs! I feel like a good stack is all about pieces that are meaningful to you- both high and low. Almost every day I wear a vintage men's Rolex, a best friend half heart bracelet from The Last Line, a Gigi Clozeau bracelet, a thin gold wire bracelet that was my mothers with a friendship bracelet my sister got in Cartagena and my Hart leather and pearl bracelet!
Lia Burke Libaire Hart Jewelry
  (Lia pairs her Little Cloud Bracelet in Red with her friendship bracelet above)