I Hart: Bracelets for downward dog to date night.

I love how my pearl bracelets make even the most casual summer outfits a bit more polished. Similar to my earrings, they are that finishing touch. 
They’re also just a no-brainer to wear.  All summer long, I’ve rocked a colorful bracelet as I’ve bopped around town from breakfast meetings to the beach to bars. See below how they effortlessly transition from a sweat session at The Works to a chilled glass of wine at Babas
(Getting in the room at The Works can still look cute beyond the sweat!)
(Stepping out on the town in the Big Red Cloud and Carved Roses bracelets outside of Renzo)
(A table setting we can get behind at Babas.
Pearl Smile Necklace, Big Cloud Bracelet in Natural, and Little Cloud Bracelet in Red pictured above.)
Stock up on this affordable year-round staple. While they look great on a bronzed, bare arm, I can’t wait to wear my Big Cloud Bracelet with a chunky sweater and a man’s watch come fall.
Where are you wearing your bracelets? Be sure to tag @hart_studio so that we can feature you!