BABES IN HART: Lora Kelley

Lora Kelley is a singer songwriter based in Charlottesville and travels the globe. On her latest adventure to Greece, she packed along some of my Hart tassel earrings. How gorgeous does she look?

Tassel earrings are an ideal travel accessory not only because they are easy to pack, but because of their ability to instantly upgrade a simple outfit. When I travel, I pack streamlined essentials (mostly from Apiece Apart) that can easily mixed and matched. Denim mini skirts, white blouses, jeans and simple cashmere sweaters for the city. Or, if you're traveling somewhere beachy like Lora, you can take a style cue from her and pack easy-breezy dresses. Wear the dress touring around, then throw on some earrings before sunset drinks and you're immediately chicer.

Thank you Lora Kelley and her talanted photographer husband Eric Kelley for the beautiful images!