TASSEL TALK: Who What Wear x Hart Tassel Earrings

I've been reading Who What Wear since my Vanderbilt days. Holed up in the library studying Chinese -- practicing writing my characters for what seemed eternity -- a pause to read the daily Who What Wear post was always my study break that I looked forward to most!

So imagine my delight when Who What Wear declared Hart tassel earrings (the teal fatties) "The Easiest Way to Make Your Outfits Stand Out This Fall." 'Delight' doesn't cut it. I freaked out.

Their description -- "We would wear these with everything from a gown to jeans." -- is spot-on. Versatility is a key feature of Hart tassel earrings. They add polish and interest to any outfit, effortlessly. I can't wait to wear my earrings with sweaters and jeans for the perfect, easy fall outfit!

Thank you Nicole Akhtarzad for the love! Be sure to check out her incredible person style on her Instagram.