BABES IN HART: Marion Blount

This babe has a brand new babe of her own, and she continues to rock! Marion is a sweet friend of mine and the creator of Open Door Shop, a collection of goods for the home turned total necessity for every entertainer in town.

She's vibrant and down to Earth; she makes success look effortless, and she really knows how to set an Insta-worthy table. Take a peak into the insight she gave me during our interview (and take a look here for some serious inspiration).

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been given?

When Open Door first launched, I created a logo using indesign. I remember thinking we had “branded” our business. A year later, I was at lunch with a creative consultant and she recommended rebranding Open Door. At the time, it was a hard pill to swallow, but I considered her advice and reached out to a graphic designer who really taught me what it means to have a brand. We worked closely to create a graphic identity for Open Door. Rebranding and refining the brand is hands down the best advice I have received.

What does ‘success’ mean to you? How do you define it?

Success is being proud of what I have done and how I accomplished it.

What are your character traits you are most proud of?

Passionate and kind.

In moments of self-doubt, how do you build yourself back up?

I remind myself what I have accomplished thus far. Sometimes thinking of all of the small accomplishments can add up and be impressive.

What’s your favorite part about your job/business?

I love organizing and styling our quarterly photoshoots.

What called you to your line of work? Do you remember when you first learned about it?

I was working as a teacher and desperately seeking a more creative outlet. I started blogging on the side about home decor. I realized I was passionate about marketing smaller home lines and launched an e-commerce site that was composed of my favorite brands.

What quotation/motto inspires you to be your best self?
Hustle and heart will set you apart.