Bending the rules with HART

Here at HART, we are all about breaking norms and bending rules. Reinventing classics and adding a timeless twist. Here are a few rules we stay breaking because who says you can't sip a martini at noon, indulge in ice cream for breakfast, and wear pearls with a hoodie?

1. Dinner before dessert
2. Pearls are for fancy occasions
3. Cocktails after 5pm
4. Don't talk to strangers
5. Don't bike in a dress

 Some classics are worth keeping as is, but we couldn’t help tweaking the trusty strand of pearls. We hand-knotted a mish mash of some not-so-perfect – but oh so charming – natural potato pearls on jet black thread.

Defying the idea that pearls are reserved for fancy events, here are our favorite ways to bend the rules and style our new pearl necklace.

1. Band tee and a blazer
2. Go-to grey hoodie
3. Tee and charm
4. Just a cardigan