BABES IN HART: Cinthya Calderon

All the must-know info about Cynthia Calderon:
Cinthya is one of the sweetest, chicest babes we have yet to meet! A blogger from Guatemala, I'm convinced she actually exudes glamor. For a quick sneak peak of the glam I can't help gushing about, give her Instagram a scroll through. Or, just dive right into the good stuff on her blog. She is absolutely dazzling in those champagne shimmers, is she not?
What’s your mantra?
There is no worse effort than the one that is not done.
This is something that I learned from my mother, it's something that I always thank her for. My parents are an example of perseverance: they came from very poor homes and they went ahead, thanks to that I have had access to many things and a different style of life. Being a blogger is a profession that requires a lot of perseverance and effort, and is something for which I have always struggled. I don't let the difficulties stop me, they just strengthen me more.
A friend visits you! Where’s the first place you take them?   
This question is difficult, you know why? Many people still don't know about Guatemala. It's a country that has many beautiful places, but I could say that my favorite places are always La Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan. I'd definitely take my friends to tour those beautiful streets, and for a boat trip on the lake.
What is your favorite #justaddhartearrings outfit? 
It's amazing the difference that Hart earrings adds to my outfits. I have worn them with super formal outfits, and even with a tee. They give it that *touch*. My favorite outfit is an oversized teeshirt with super skinny jeans and mules; when I wore the earrings with it, I loved the whole combo and received many compliments that day.
The last place you wore your earrings. Any fun earring stories to share?
Well, I wear them every day. I'm not much of a 'wearing-eye-catching-earrings' girl, but now I can't live without them. On one occasion I was in a photoshoot with one of my sisters, who is a photographer, but we felt that the model lacked something. You know what I did? I took my earrings and put them on her; the photos were great! Instantly gave her the touch that she needed.
What’s inspiring you at the moment?
Always, since I was a little girl, my inspiration has been Princess Diana. In fact for school projects I spoke about her, and she continues to be a great inspiration for me. She's an amazing woman that, in spite of her suffering, she looked impeccable. She always had good taste for fashion. Now I see some of her pictures and my sisters and I will say, 'look at those jeans, so fashionable!'.
"When I found Hart on Instagram, I fell in love. You know, the trend of earrings with topknots and long fringes is super strong, and it came to stay. I had seen some options but none convinced me — Hart has something different; the design, and (what I loved the most) the materials. They make them unique, and of course Im obsessed with them."