BABES IN HART: Jessica Sturdy

The holidays just feel sparkly to me. They feel fancy and festive and fun, and I want my painstakingly mulled over holiday outfits to embody nothing less.
All these glamorous holiday shindigs that are just waiting to fill up the last of my 2017 call for one thing, and one thing only: timeless, radiant tassel earrings. Personally, I have my eye on a few of these babies to model my party attire after.
Meanwhile, I've picked up some inspo from Bows & Sequins blogger Jessica Sturdy. She's planned a mega-babe, holiday-ready outfit with her chic Black Metallic Magic tassels (an outfit that I quite enjoy...and might, in fact, steal a bit of).
I'm a fan of the fringe-and-tassel combo -- it just feels right, doesn't it?
Check out all the details on her bangin' holiday look, and then create your own! Let's keep the holidays festive, shall we?